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We provide leaders in the public, private and social sectors online strategies which create measurable impact and deep engagement. In short, we believe that the way through information overload and the clutter/noise of digital life is through emotional resonance and meaningful relationships: with each other, with ideas and causes, with stories and brands.

Digital tools are not communications tools. They are relationship management tools.

Our services

With over fifteen years of experience working in digital, we've learned that a mission-driven approach to our collaborative work with clients is crucial.

Integrated digital strategy development

Successful work online depends entirely on discovering and implementing the right tools, while working within often complicated parameters. Lux specializes in guiding our clients through processes proven to create efficient, supportive digital programs that enhance their overall work.

Bespoke workshops and trainings

Teaching our clients how to use online technologies effectively is a core part of Lux’s philosophy and approach. Whether walking through metrics systems and reporting structures together, providing webinars on Wikipedia editing or Twitter best practices, or hosting full-day workshops covering everything under the digital sun, we design and implement our trainings to meet a variety of our clients’ needs.

A unique suite of offerings and services

Lux believes in multi-faceted approach to solving challenges. A few of the specialized tools we employ include: facilitating digital influencers’ salons; integrating online conversations with real-time, offline events; and performing comprehensive digital audits and sector analyses.


Ford FoundationCentre for Social InnovationDeutsche TelekomSkoll FoundationNewsweek/Daily BeastMaynard Institute for Journalism Education International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere RegionBarnard College | Columbia UniversityThe Harnisch FoundationOpen Society FoundationsPlanned Parenthood Federation of America

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What our clients say

  • What I love most about working with the Lux team is that not only do they provide the strategic roadmap we need to move our cause forward, they train us in the skills we need to continue the work after the project is finished. As a result, each time we collaborate, we are building on the previous work—always moving forward.

    — Dori Maynard, President, Maynard Institute for Journalism Education —
  • Deanna’s workshop provided immediate return on investment by giving participants skills and tools they could use instantly.  With an appealing mix of tech talk, humor, and empathy for the newbies, she got high marks from a tough crowd.

    — Ruth Ann Harnisch, President, The Harnisch Foundation —
  • One of the strengths of Lux’s presentations are their on-the-ground experience with a variety of organizations and individuals. They incorporate case studies and share real life successes and failures with social media marketing in a way that feels both accessible and inspiring for audience members. Lux goes beyond the lingo and into the real issues. 

    — Sara Zia Ebrahimi, Outreach and Events Consultant, Leeway Foundation —

Our team

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Deanna Zandt

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Sonal Bains

Our network of collaborators

LUX Manifesto

Successful digital strategies put humans first. Understanding which experiences, optics and conversations resonate with your consumers, communities and stakeholders is at the core of our strategy development process.

Communities are discovered, not built. Your people are out there, having conversations and sharing content that will connect you to them. We help you build authentic, sustainable relationships.

Digital tools are more than communications tools; they are relationship management tools. We create strategies designed to build authentic, quality community relationships that will continue to scale.

Every strategy needs a feedback loop. We measure emotional resonance through analysis of both qualitative and quantitative metrics, and use those metrics to refine our work together and share your story.

We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the work we develop for you adds value to your mission and current strategies. We take into account staff capacity, knowledge and skills to ensure attainable, effective results.


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